Our Priorities

iStock 000036349778LargeAs California struggles through a record third year of drought, North State Water Alliance leaders and supporters called upon the California Legislature and Governor Brown to act quickly on a water bond that improves statewide water supply reliability for people and nature and that meets the following criteria:

  • Maintain water rights for stability and certainty in water operations.
  • Advance new water storage and operational improvements to increase flexibility in managing water during dry periods.
  • Increase groundwater storage to support recharge, storage and extraction projects for safe drinking water supplies.
  • Improve urban water management that maximizes statewide water savings through projects that support water recycling, stormwater management and water conservation.
  • Protect and restore watersheds and ecosystems to prioritize migratory corridors needing immediate assistance including those for salmon and steelhead and water supplies along the Pacific Flyway.

On August 13, Governor Brown signed a $7.5 billion water bond that received bi-partisan support in the legislature and was approved by California voters in November.