Our Principles

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The north state’s water resources are California’s main supply source for residential, business, agricultural, environmental and recreational needs. These resources provide water for exports across the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to Southern California, the Bay Area and San Joaquin Valley. The water flowing through the northern parts of the state are the foundation of California’s economy, more needs to be done to make sure these resources continue to meet multiple and competing future demands.

Increasing pressure from environmental degradation, climate change, urban growth, agricultural expansion and aging infrastructure are putting enormous stress on California’s water system. Members of the Alliance commend the findings in Governor Newsom’s 2020 Water Resiliency Portfolio Report. This is the state’s first-ever comprehensive, long-term plan on how to manage the state’s water resources in the face of increasingly changing weather patterns. The report recommends developing inclusive solutions that protect the natural environment and provide water for communities throughout the state for decades to come.

North State Water Alliance is calling on California’s leaders to collaborate for the following principles:

• Re-imagine how water should be managed in the face of a less reliable water supply and a greater threat of floods.
• Investment from state, federal and regional agencies in infrastructure projects that increase conservation, water supply, allow for adaptive management practices, and promote species health on the lower American River.
• A unified regulatory approach for the state’s water that recognizes future climate change realities.
• Ensure a healthy future in California headwaters.